Affordable Alternatives: Jimmy Choo Havana Boots


Today on Affordable Alternatives, I bring you the Jimmy Choo Havana Floral Boot for £1,235.91 ($1,495) on Nordstrom. Combat boots are my biggest weakness so I was bound to pick these at some point. Here are some cheaper options:

  1. Steve Madden’s TRUTHFUL Booties for $99.95 are the least similar as they are a slightly different shape with a thinner sole but they do have a rose applique which is in line with the Jimmy Choo boots with the floral embellishments.
  2. The Gia-Mia Rock Star Studded Combat Boots from Target come at a price of £36.93 or $44.99 are the same style of boots and are the second cheapest. However, they are edgier with (totally punk) studs instead of the delicate flower decorations that the Havana boots have.
  3. These patent French Connection Vanja Lace-Up Boots are a steal at £34.37, reduced from £114.58. They are a simple boot with no embellishment but are a chic alternative to the expensive pair.
  4. The final option are from Hot Topic. The Black Lace-Up Thick Sole Combat Boots are  $41.93 for TODAY ONLY and will then be $59.90. They have a similar thick sole (it is in the name). The top of the boot are a slightly different shape from the Jimmy Choo ones and although some people will have their reservations about shopping at Hot Topic, who can really resist such a good pair of boots?




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