Mini Book Haul

books edited.JPG

I’ve known of Nasty Gal for a while now but I had no clue about the story behind how it came about until one day I (somehow) stumbled upon the book #GIRLBOSS online. I was super surprised to see that it was from the founder of Nasty Gal however I forgot all about the book up til now when the Netflix show Girlboss came out and I realised that it was based on the book, showing the journey of how Sophia Amoruso started Nasty Gal. Personally, I enjoyed the show even though there’s some bad reviews out there (I’m not one to really care what a review says). After watching it, though, I decided to buy the book. At the same time, I got the book on the right, ‘The Little Dictionary Of Fashion’, filled with information about clothes, such as different fabrics and construction methods. #GIRLBOSS serves as more of an inspirational batch of tips for someone to become a ‘girl boss’.

Let me know what if you’ve read the book or watched the show. If you have, what are your opinions?



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