The Bomb(er) Diggity Jacket

Bomber jackets are a great style jacket to wear throughout spring and summer. They are so many looks to create with these jackets as they come in a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics. Here is a list of the ones that have stood out to me:
  1. The simple Raglan Bomber Jacket from Forever 21 for £20 is suitable for almost any occasion.
  2. The Contemporary Bird Print Jacket for £23 also from Forever 21 has a cute bird pattern on a black silk fabric.
  3. The Jewel’s That Girl Tartan Bomber Jacket from Nasty Gal is £25 and looks totally badass as well as stylish.
  4. The Atisa Bomber Jacket from Brandy Melville for $34 is a plain khaki colour and has a snap fastening.
  5. The Freya Basic Bomber Jacket (which comes in 5 colours) is from Boohoo and is the cheapest of this selection at the price of £10.
  6. The Zip-Up Bomber Jacket from Charlotte Russe is pale blue and is $36.99.
  7. The Merona Women’s Printed Bomber Jacket from Target is green with a blue and white floral pattern, costing $29.99.
  8. The Bagatelle Women’s Rose Gold Bomber Jacket, also from Target, is the most expensive in this list at $79.99. It’s a very bold look but would make any average outfit Instagram worthy.

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