Affordable Alternatives: Saint Laurent Asymmetrical Denim Miniskirt



The Saint Laurent Asymmetrical Denim Miniskirt comes at a steep price of £773.66. I normally can find some decent alternatives but this time I struggled a bit more because I actually really love the original. Here are the ones I deemed ‘I guess they’re acceptable’:

  1. The Blue Fray Hem Acid Washed Mini Skirt from New Look is the cheapest on this list at £19.99. It is a similar style but is an acid washed look instead of a vintage blue.
  2. The next skirt is the BDG 5-Pocket Notched Denim Mini Skirt from Urban Outfitters. It’s tied as the most expensive but is still a reasonable price at £36 and is the one I think is the best and most similar to the Saint Laurent skirt.
  3. The Bleach Wash Authentic Denim Skirt is £28 from Miss Selfridge. This skirt has more distressing than the others but it’s not the worst alternative that you could have.
  4. The last one is the MOTO Denim Floral Skirt from Topshop, also at the price of £36. It’s of a similar style and shape of the others but is slightly darker and has floral embroidery.




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