Express Equality


One of the things I love most about fashion is being able to express yourself through your style and as a proud feminist, I am very pleased to see the rise in slogan-ed t-shirts (and other clothing) showing support for equality. Here are six tops (all at a good price) with empowering motifs:

  1. The Ivory Femme Motif T-Shirt from Dorothy Perkins (£12) is a plain white tee with ‘FEMINIST FOR LIFE’ written across it. It’s simple and blunt which is all it really needs to be.
  2. From Topshop, the Females of the Future Tee (£15) is a white t-shirt with ‘FEMALES OF THE FUTURE’ printed across it in black. This one is probably my favourite because I really love the slogan.
  3. The Feminist T-Shirt by Tea & Cake (£18) is also from Topshop. It is even simpler than the first with just the word ‘FEMINIST’ on it but is a longline fit.
  4. A change of look comes with the Let’s Hear It for Girls Graphic Tee from Nasty Gal (£15) with its nude/neutral colouring. The message on this top is my favourite, saying ‘GIRLS NEED TO SUPPORT GIRLS’, something we all should do.
  5. I came across the Rebellious One Girl Power Keyhole Tee ($16.97) on Nordstrom Rack. A stark contrast to the others, this t-shirt is black with white lettering reading ‘GIRL POWER’ and has a large keyhole under the neckline.
  6. The final top, the Private Party Girl Power Tee, comes from Urban Outfitters ($52.00 +20% off). Again a white tee, and with the most subtle slogan, this one has ‘GRL PWR’ printed on the left side.



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