Affordable Alternatives: VALENTINO Rolling Rockstud Guitar Strap Leather Shoulder Bag


If there was ever to be a bag designed specifically for me and my style, it would be the Valentino Rolling Rockstud Guitar Strap Leather Shoulder Bag. The cross body/shoulder bag is my second favourite style of bag (behind backpacks) and I love the simple studded detailing but it’s the guitar strap that makes it so ‘me’, combining my love for music, guitars and fashion perfectly. However, this one comes at a breath-taking £2882.78, rendering it way too pricey for the average human so I found two good, one great and one ‘it’s okay’ affordable alternatives:

  1. The ROSIE Floral Study Crossbody Bag from Topshop features embroidered flowers and spiked studs, with gold details. The price of this bag is £25 and is more girly than the Valentino but its cute nonetheless.
  2. From Dorothy Perkins, which is one of my favourite shops, the Black Panelled Cross Body Bag is currently £20 (down from £25). This bag is panelled but plain and still has an edge to it. Despite it not being too similar to the guitar strap bag, it is the same style and shape, and it’s on sale so what other incentive is needed to buy it?
  3. The Grey Table Embellished Cross Body Bag for £35 from Miss Selfridge is the least like the Valentino shoulder bag except for the shape of it but it was pretty difficult to find bags that were good enough and I think its a very nice bag.
  4. The final bag, the Taos Black Studded Purse from Lulus for $39, is clearly a copy of the Valentino bag with the same studded decoration. However, this one doesn’t have the guitar strap but is made up for in being made from vegan leather.



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