May Top Picks

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As spring is well under way and summer will begin to arrive soon, I’ve compiled a little collection of items I think are great from a few stores.

New Look:

  1. Black Premium Lace Cold Shoulder Skater Dress – £44.99 £18
  2. Grey Premium Bardot Neck Floral Embroidered Mesh Dress – £44.99 £27
  3. Black Gingham Check Frill Trim Skirt – £22.99
  4. Yellow Leather-Look Mini Skirt – £19.99
  5. Grey Suedette Floral Embroidered Boots – £37.99



  1. Bardot Skater Dress – £26
  2. Mono Floral Cut Out Sundress – £32
  3. MOTO Extreme Rip Mom Shorts – £32
  4. MOTO Stud Denim Mini Skirt – £36
  5. FTBC (Fashion Targets Breast Cancer) Charity Motif T-Shirt – £14

Forever 21:

  1.  Pleated Varsity Tennis Skirt – £13
  2. Embroidered Floral Denim Shorts – £16
  3. Crossover Mini Skirt – £15
  4. Lacy Rose Print Playsuit – £14
  5. Embroidered Ankle-Wrap Heels – £23

Let me know what you think of these picks and if you have any suggestions.





Affordable Alternatives: Valentino Lace Dress


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Browsing through online stores, I saw this Valentino lace dress on Nordstrom and was wowed by its beautiful simplicity. However, no normal person is going to spend over £4000 (or nearly $5000) on a look that could be easily replicated for under £100 of your country’s equivalent currency, no matter how amazing Valentino is.

Here are a couple of good alternatives to get the look at an affordable price:

  1. The black lace dress on the left is from Topshop for £59/$110. This dress has leaf appliques compared to the Valentino’s butterflies and although the colour is at the other end of the scale to the feminine slate blue, black lace is always chic and classy.
  2. On the right is a two piece top and skirt from Lulus for $58. The duo is covered in white lace with long sleeves (the recurring trait of the other two looks) and the skirt’s lace extends over the hem.
Leave a comment if there are looks you want to see recreated at a cheaper price.


Last week, I had a job interview so in order to look the part, I needed some formal interview-worthy clothes. I also desperately needed fancier shoes as I own a lot of boots that are not appropriate to meet a possible employer in. In my slight panic that I only had a few days to buy an outfit, I bought these shoes.


(I also made a little video of them)

These shoes have become my life. I was concerned that they might not be comfortable to wear for hours on end but I’ve worn them to walk around all day and they are so comfy. They are a faux suede-all the look without the price, and have a block heel which is just the right height. I’ve worn these so far with trousers and with jeans, loving how they look with my rolled hem black skinny jeans, and I can’t wait to wear them with a skirt too. I think these shoes are going to be my staple for the Autumn/Fall.


Mickey/Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Whenever I sit down to do my nails, I always want to do something fun and different. I look at inspiration on Pinterest, I think of cool themes that I could apply to my nails, and yet despite all that, I freak out last minute and do something plain or that I’ve done thousands (kind of exaggerated) of times. This time, however, I took the nail art leap of faith. I used one of the things that will forever motivate me to be creative: Disney. On Pinterest, I found some cute nails inspired by Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and using one of my favourite colour schemes (black, white and red, or any other bold colour), I painted three different types of nails. For my middle finger, I used just a plain black, the simplest nail. My thumb, index and pinky finger, I painted red, then using one of my dotting tools, dotted them with white. I’ve struggled in the past with not knowing which size is the best and how to get a good dot but finally got them to look acceptable. The last finger I did was my ring finger. I painted it white and when I finally managed to summon the courage to start, I used a black nail art pen to draw and fill in the Mickey ears. Overall, I was surprised by how well my first attempt at nail art turned out and hopefully I will continue to improve and do my complex nails too.

Wish List Of The Week

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